Diễn ra vào Ngày 22 tháng 04 năm 2020 Từ 18:30 - 21:30

285 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Phường 12, Quận 10 285 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Phường 12, Quận 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Giới thiệu sự kiện

The future of work is changing as much as the future of recruitment.

Today, % of the workforce consider themselves passive candidates and will consider an offer if it comes their way. Nevertheless, those candidates will not apply on job-boards or explore career pages.

How will you interact with them?


Tchoozz tech dating event.

With 8+ years of experience in recruiting, we have designed an interactive event format attracting local talents.

It combines speaker talks, company elevator pitches, networking and private face to face interviews of 5 minutes each. We truly recommend you to register your technical team to get the best of the event!


Chat face-to-face with candidates.

Our talent sourcing team has selected experienced local technical candidates (software engineers, software architects, system engineers, DevOps, Data ) interested in exploring new job offers.

Join us, and get to know them.

Startups, Major corporations, Consulting, Scaleups, this event fits you if:

  • You're rapidly growing and looking to expand your tech team

  • You're an employer looking for experienced tech talents (we screen candidates)

  • You're a company looking for innovative services to increase your brand awareness

  • You're a startup/scaleup looking for new team members


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Thời gian và địa điểm

Thời gian bắt đầu: 22/04/2020 18:30

Thời gian kết thúc: 22/04/2020 21:30

Danh mục: Hội nghịKinh doanh

Tỉnh thành: TP. Hồ Chí Minh

Địa điểm: 285 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Phường 12, Quận 10

Địa chỉ: 285 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Phường 12, Quận 10, Ho Chi Minh City


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